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Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love (Тунель Кохання)

To see more photos and videos from Instagrammers who made the trek to the Tunnel of Love, be sure to visit the Тунель Кохання / Tunnel of Love location page.

Three times a day, a train chugs through Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love (Тунель Кохання) transporting wood to a nearby fiberboard factory. The train molds the surrounding trees into a natural tunnel with each pass through a three-mile forested stretch of rail. The tunnel, nicknamed the Tunnel of Love (Тунель Кохання) has become known as one of the most romantic places in Ukraine. Local legend promises couples who visit the tunnel one wish, provided their intentions are sincere.

The trees are most lush in spring and summer, but this year’s fall colors have brought fresh new hues to the tunnel. Soon, snow will cover the tracks before the green returns in spring.

hope one day can be here

Colour Journal 7: Critique your design


Date: November 9, 2013

Critique: I am studying in environmental design, and this is a module for the project of Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA).I got the mission to create a repeated sculpture based on the singular module that can fit in the courtyard of MOCCA. And also the design proposal should have the function of shelter and the space for contemplation and congregation.  

I have been to MOCCA before I get this project, so I know that the MOCCA’s courtyard is not very big, and some of the spaces are using for parking lot.  MOCCA is located at Queen St.W and surrounded by lots of cafes and design stores. Thus, I was thinking that maybe I can create some  unusual and unique form that highlight MOCCA, like triangle is a good idea., but defintely not the original shape or triangle. 

I created a triangular pyramid and extended one edge longer that could lift one side of the pyramid up. In environmental design, material also is a very important factor. I had been tried to use wood, illustration board and foam board, so this time, I would like to explore more materials could be used in the sculpture. My friend crystal inspired me, she used aluminium foil that created a small module, so I was wondering maybe I could try this. So, I got the aluminium foil and also found another new material call film paper, which the texture on one side is smooth, the other side is a bit fuzzy. I sticked one piece of aluminium foil and a piece film paper on the different plant of pyramid trying to create a semi-open space that with shelter. 

I quite appreciate my final module, although I struggle a lot when I am making out. But what I afraid now is many people are using triangle this element in their design proposal, I need to figure out a way that pop out my design. 

Colour Journal 4: Compare & Contrast

Nuit Blanche 2013:


Relay Studio

One of the projects of Gather


Nuit Blanche 2013:


Bruno Billio


Date: Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Nuit Blanche is a huge art event holds in Toronto, many artists will exhibit their artwork. There are two of the installations that caught most of my attention, one is “Stoke”, the other one is “Familia”.

Both of Stoke and Familia are installation artwork. Stoke is the installation that talking about the interaction between nature and space. there are many long and huge woods hanging on the celling and forming a circle, and there is a platform on the middle of the circle. When I am standing on the platform, I can feel that it is vibrating with the music. Stoke is hanging on the celling of great hall of OCAD University, which illustrates the sense of space, the feeling of listening and lively body. Human body accpets the sound waves which reflect from the wall and pass through the body. Stoke interacts with feeling, vision and listening. It is a very increditable installation.

For the “Famila” lots of chairs are hanged on the celling with different perspectives. This artworks just has vision, but it is very amazing to see many chairs are hanging on the celling. The name of this artwork is Famila, which means family. When a family are sitting together, the number of chairs can show how big the family is, and I think this is the meaning of this artwork. These chairs are hanging on the celling of a church, which is really match the atmosphere with the charis, feels like walking in the Middle Ages.

Two of installations associate with the background to set off the feeling and amostphere of the project. Visitors have the visual impact with the project. I would like to say that it is the best art event ever.

Colour Journal 3: J.R. Schmidt



Date: 25 September 2013

Critique: This artwork is created by J.R. Schmidt who is a 3D artist and also is a motion designer. When I first saw this artwork, the first impression of this artwork was amazing. I was attracted by the soft, fantastic and exquisite colour and texture. The green-blue mix with the purple-rose and black, which consists of an elegant feeling. Lots of lines form in the mist, they are floating and rotating, looks like in the wonderland. Moreover, Schmidt created the space that letting people to think what would happen next in the painting. What would the black consists of, the dark sawn or the evil queen in Snow White. The dark and soft lines in the middle likes smoke which are going to melt the bright, letting them all get dark. This is a very creditable artwork, looks like having softness and elegant lines, but instead feeling dark and cold inside.


Colour Journal 2: Skanda Lin & Matthew Blunderfield


Date: 15 September 2013


Critique: This installation was created by Skanda Lin and Matthew Blunderfield. When I first saw this, a strong sense of space came into my mind. Lots of digital objects such as phones, hardware, CD, graphic card and components are handing in the air, which consist of a space like a thousands, millions of planets in the universe. Although there are different part of digital objects unities together, which create the harmony. In addition the small components also can be the kind of texture. The artwork is created b used dots, lines and different shapes, looks like very messy, but harmonious. The artists are trying using the components of different digital objects to convey now digital culture becomes part of human life, but there are a lot of issues of consumerism, waste and obsolescence thought out the life cycle are waiting to be solved. 

Colour journal 1: French artist Supakitch


Date: Wednesday, September 11th, 2013


Critique: A French artist Supakitch created this fascinating artwork “On Air” acrylic on handmade paper. The artwork is simple, but very impressive. There is just a “hot-air balloon” on the middle of the artwork, but the actual balloon is taken place by a lot of fox’s tails which form a circle, and also there is a rainbow line cross them. Each tail consists with different colours and plus the lines, thus, the “balloon” is not that monotonous and creates the movement. Green and Red is a perfect match, the whole painting consists with this two colours . Actually, I got catch by this artwork because of the background. Personally, I think that the colour of the background is very special and unique, it is not we can see anywhere. The most importance is the background matches the colour of “balloon”. The colours stays balanced, it is very comfortable to see the artwork, not like some paintings has a strong visual impact. The whole painting looks like just have a “balloon”, actually, details are everywhere, first is the “balloon”, Supakitch uses thin lines to decorate it. Second is the background. From the screen, I can see the paper is rough, but it is not a disadvantage, instead it improves the quality of this painting. Looks simple, but details are everywhere, very impressive.